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A faster firing pin fall (shorter lock time) is helpful when shooting off the shoulder and the rifle's held by us humans. The more steady your position is, the less it matters. When benchresting a rifle, it doesn't matter any significant amount.

I bought one of David Tubb's speedlock systems direct from him at a match years ago. Tried it in my Winchester 70 shoulder fired match rifles. Did not see any real advantage except a small amount in standing. No visible difference in sitting or prone positions.

The more your rifle's aiming point moves around starting when the sear releases the firing pin and when the pin detonates the primer, the more a speedlock system will help. Perfectly still rifles atop a bench? 'Tis not needed.

The above aside, a 10% to 15% stronger firing pin spring from Wolff will get the primers smacked harder and that typically helps them put heat into the powder more consistantly. Besides that spring should be replaced every few years anyway. It'll speed up your firing pin fall and smack primers really good much cheaper than Tubb's speed lock system.
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