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I understand the need to shoot at an indoor pistol range. In an urban/suburban envirionment, an indoor range is very convenient and close. I have a good one that is 5 minutes away. On the plus side, it is super close and convenient... They allow rapid fire... it is acceptably heated and cooled. On the down side, it is about $20 to shoot there for an hour, and being indoors, it is quite loud... I wear muffs and ear plugs.

There are outdoor ranges a little further out that are run by the Missouri Conservation department. These are very nice facilities, and it costs $3 to shoot there, which has to be the bargain of the year. BUT, they do not allow rapid fire, and they do not allow shooting from field positions (standing or seated from a bench are the only options). I go there to sight in a rifle, but not for much else.

I am a member of a private outdoor gun range that allows a lot more options: shooting rifles from field positions, practicing drawing a handgun from a holster, engaging multiple targets.... the only downside is that this range is 1 hour 40 minutes from my house. So I end up at the nearby indoor pistol range fairly often... For me it is worth the convenience.
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