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Glock 21 and 45 Super?

I've been thinking about buying a 10mm barrel for my Glock 21 figuring its about as powerful as (inexpensive) auto-loaders can be.
That would require a aftermarket barrel, magazine from the G20, recoil buffer and a stiffer spring.
Total is around $170

Then 45 Super caught my attention... According to Buffalo Bore's info, its energy levels (ft/sec & ft.lbs) is right there just a hair behind the 10mm, and as a bonus the ammo is less costly.

Can I run small amounts of 45 super through a stock G21 barrel after only installing a ~24lb spring & aluminum guide rod plus a recoil buffer?
Totals around $45 - Seems like a much more cost effective way to get close to 1200fps & 700 ft.lbs.
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