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Does size matter? (Not what you are thinking!)

I only get to carry when out of state since I live in IL, and on a recent trip to Texas I carried my Ruger LCP in a pocket holster. The LCP is so easy to carry concealed because it is so very small, even with the Crimson Trace laser on it. But it occurred to me that had I encountered a situation where I needed to draw my gun, would the tiny size of the LCP fail to deter a BG who might not take this gun seriously, or even think it was not a real firearm? My other carry gun is a Ruger sr40c, which while compact it is clearly a "real" gun that would be unlikely to not be taken seriously if pointed at someone. I know a 380acp can do significant damage, I am just wondering if a criminal might be foolishly confident to take on someone with what appears to be a tiny toy gun like the LCP.
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