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ps you have a lot of Sigs, but said they were not working for you? Just curios why not. I was looking to get a few and just wondering how they compared to you 1911.
I USED to have a bunch of Sigs.

I sold/traded them off a long time ago.

They were exceptionally nice guns. Beautiful triggers, especially the P220, but I didn't shoot them as well as I did the Glock under time constraints non-target shooting conditions. I shot the Glocks faster and more accurately in defensive scenarios. (Drawing from concealment, getting off the X and firing rapid controlled shots on multiple targets)

Target shooting, I probably did a little better with them. Especially in single action.

I carried several of them for a while CCW and one of them rusted, I think it was the P228, but it might have been the P225) on the slide a little bit, which I didn't like.

These were all, with the exception of the P229, the stamped steel German guns.

My brother owns a newer P226 Blackwater Edition and it is a nice, if kind of large, heavy gun. (It has 20 rd magazines) It is very accurate but it shoots about 3 in below POA for me. It does keep me from looking at how I am shooting though, I can't see the bullet impacts until I drop the gun.

I still would like to try out a Sig P239. I don't mind the DA/SA transition that much, and I like the feel of the gun (never shot one though).

My advice would be to get one and try it out, unless you know someone who has one that you can run through its paces. That is really the only way to find out what works best for you. What works for me or others might not work for you. My brother much prefers the Sigs to Glocks. (I have been trying to get him to get a Sig P239 for me to "borrow".)

Having worked with both BMW and Audi engineers in the past, I would prefer the Audi.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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