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Yes there is, find an old B&M reloading manual, thumb to case cleaning. They provide a procedure for pickling brass, #1 time is a factor, they suggested an old ARMY procedure, 2 to 3 % H2SO3, soak for 3 minutes maximum then rinse in boiling water TWICE for 20 minutes +/-. So, if you come across brass stored in containers and the brass is black count on the brass being pickled, and they claim it is forever.

Then there is vinegar, again, time is a factor, maximum time 15 minutes (for the life of the case as in cleaning brass in vinegar is a bad habit), then rinse, time has taken its toll on the old ways, boiling water used to rinse has been omitted.

Then there is the spinner, I make spinners, I use spinners to clean the worst of cases, I use vinegar on the worst of cases to reduce tumbling time, vinegar allows me to reduce tumbling time by days, I am not talking about a few hundred cases, I am talking about thousands of cases.

Back to spinning, when I want to show off spinning is the only way to go and it saves time if I am loading 20 cases for test firing. Another advantage to spinning, if there is a problem with neck and or it is suspect the spinner pressure will cause the neck to split.

I use tumbling media and nothing in my tumblers, in your SS tumbling system, decide if the SS pins clean the cases, then the question is ‘WHY SS PINS? SS pins do not rust? What causes rust? Back to cleaning cases in vinegar for a maximum of 15 minutes for the like of the case, cleaning brass in vinegar is a bad habit.

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