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High Noon Holsters (Tuckable vs Nontuckable) (Clip vs Strap) (High vs Low)

I am looking at holsters. I currently carry using the High Noon Holster Down Under with straps. It was my first and is my only holster. It works great for when I leave the house with a gun, and come back all the same. However, I am looking for a new holster for two arguably three reasons:

1) I'm finding that there are some instances when I have to leave my gun somewhere (work, posted areas, etc), and find the straps a lot of work not to mention the fact that I have to loosen my belt for a bit. This is a huge inconvenience.

2) I'm interested in a tuckable holster.

3) I'm interested in a lower riding holster.

So, my questions:

1) Would the clip that High Noon uses make it easier to take take off and on? I'm imagining not having to loosen my belt? Should it keep everything secure, especially in a draw?

2) Is it even worth considering getting a tuckable holster for a gun the size of a P-01 (think Glock 19 for you non CZ people).

3) I am interested in a low riding holster for easier concealment. Is the ease of concealment improved vastly with a low riding holster?

I suppose I would like to keep my 15° cant unless there is a reason "no cant" would be better for the type of holster I am looking for.

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