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Like I said;
I have plans to give this a try for my Para PDA.
Pitzza said;
I would't resize the finished round. You'd be crushing the bullet and would likely ruin accuracy.
Well yes, but then again it might not. Will keep that in mind and if i see any key holes in my target i will know why.

Gbro - You may create loose bullets running the cartridges back through a resizing dies. The die may compress the brass and lead bullet; however, the brass may "spring back" while lead stays compressed. Just a thought.
And I thank you for the heads up. However, like i stated, my Para will not shoot any of my reloads reliably as it is and i have had 1 misfire with factory loads and have a suspicion that was due more to the LDA feature than the cartridge, however i may be wrong. I did re-chamber that round and it misfired again and when pulled unlike the misfire i had a year prior with a .45 Colt Ultra-Max factory cartridge this one had powder and the primer failed to ignite.
I have a FCD die also so maybe a test batch of both are in order.
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