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Don't feel bad Crow Hunter, 1911s don't point naturally. A SAA, Luger, PM9 those are some examples of handguns that point like your finger.
I acutally grew up shooting single action revolvers but I have been shooting Glocks since 1998 or so.

I am still the most accurate (and have the most fun) shooting my Dad's old Single Six, but I only shoot it target shooting, not FAST drills with it.

I bought all my automatics at around the same time. I owned a S&W 909 (I think), Beretta 92, Taurus PT92, HK USP, Browning HP, SA 1911A1, Walther PPK, Walther P5, Sig P229, P220, P228, P225, P232, (I really wanted Sigs to work for me), and several Glocks.

Doing "shoot offs" over the years, I pared it down to what I shot the best and most repeatably in realistic defensive drills. (Not just target shooting)

That was actually what I was doing this time. I was doing a comparison between my G19 and a S&W M&P 9c. Actually, if I were starting completely over again, I would probably get the S&W as I actually shot it on par to possibly even a little better than I did the G19. Especially considering that is only the 3rd time I have even shot a M&P.

But I have 4 G19s, spare parts, 60+ magazines, .22 conversion and I am a Glock armorer. I didn't shoot the S&W M&P THAT much better.

I also didn't like the M&P .22 (Umarex). Which I also tried out in comparison to my Advantage Arms Conversion while I was at it. While it looks like a M&P and sort of feels like the M&P, the trigger & safety isn't similar. It does shoot very nicely suppressed though. Sounds like a pellet gun.

Which brings me to my final dislike of the 1911, which I forgot to add in my OP. You can't cycle the slide with the safety on. I had been working with the M&P 9c with thumb safety, for about 1.5 hours when my brother brought out the 1911. With the S&W, I kept the safety on until I brought the gun to eye level and in the same motion clicked the safety off when I got my flash sight picture and started pulling the trigger. Loading, magazine changes,etc. If the gun wasn't on the target, the safety was on.

When he handed the 1911 to me and I went to chamber a round, I couldn't get the slide to move for a second or 2 and I said WTH. Then I remembered I had to take the safety off.

It is an EXTREMELY accurate, beautiful looking, and somewhat hefty gun that I am sure lots of other people really like.

I don't.

Thanks for the advice on how to fix this one though.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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