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The cracked slide issue with the Tomcat seems to be a thing of the past. I haven't read of many cases of it that haven't been several years old. I have a Bobcat and kept clean and with the right ammo it's been very reliable and a great little pistol to shoot. I'm probably going to get a Tomcat in the near future. Although the gun is short it is wide compared to something like a P-32 or LCP and much heavier. I would think it might seem too big as a pocket pistol for some people but I imagine it would be much nicer to shoot (not that a 32acp is much of a handfull in other guns). The issue with the stiff slide is a real one for an small blow-back pistol like this. My Bobcat has the stiffest slide of any semi-auto I have ever tried and given it's so small and hard to get a grip on you really do appreciate the tip-up barrell (it's not so bad if you cock the pistol first so your not fighting the trigger, too).

I'd also like to get a P-32 since I like small mouse-guns like that and have no problem carrying a small caliber gun for self-defense. I would think both of these would be good choices for anyone that wants a really small handgun and doesn't like too much snap of recoil and would rather hit what they aim at without fighting the gun too.
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