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My buddy has a offer on a Colt .25 ACP. Anyway, the serial number is 0D103XXX. If any one has any information on value and production date, it would sure help me out.
I assumed based on that "0D" SN prefix, it was a Colt Junior pocket which was an Astra made gun made under license for Colt. I have no personal experience with them. Astra made the same gun with their name on it, the Cub. Based on SN given of 0D103XXX, using the chart below, the gun is 1973 production. These are still often found in high condition due to their more recent production. They're often found clean and boxed for $300 ish. Some people actually ask more, because the gun says "Colt" but they rarely sell for much more.

According to the "Colt's, Dates of Manufacture" booklet by R.L. Wilson. The 1908 Hammerless .25 shows the 1914 starting serial number at 102000, 1915 started with 119000.
However, the OP gave a SN prefix. Any letter preceding or following an SN is part of the SN. In this case, the SN had a "0D" prefix so those SN numbers for the 1908 vest pocket are irrevelant to this gun.
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