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Historical Question: Marlin 512 Slugmaster

For starters, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the information on this site. I have found thefiringline to be the best source of gun info on the web.

I am wanting to get a wood-stocked slug gun with a rifled barrel. I have been heavily looking at the Deerslayer II from Ithaca, but am reluctant to shell out $899. My search has led to interest in the Marlin 512 Slugmaster (see pic below).

I think the Marlin 512 Slugmasters are absolutely beautiful guns, but they quit making them--I think in 1999. What can you tell me about them? Were they well made? Accurate? Reliable? Why are they sold so cheaply on the used market? How is the recoil relative to other slug guns?

Any info is appreciated.

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