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I have a couple Dan Wessons... one blued, in 44 Mag ( I'd advise skipping the Dan Wesson internal compensator... when I got mine, the barrel & barrel shroud were basically leaded together... the ports in the barrel, don't line up with the ports in the barrel shroud, so alot of deposits get left in the gap, especially with cast bullets ) I had to have my local smith cut them apart, after I got it... at which time I made mine into a snubbie, with one of my local guys propritary comp / barrel nuts my other Dan Wesson is a stainless 357 Max... it also wears a custom comp nut

my 44 mag was built 10 years before the Ruger Alaskan came out, but is pretty much the same thing, only blued

I prefer 6" barrels, I find double action revolvers with under lugs, get too muzzle heavy in lengths longer than 6" ( been burned a couple times by barrel / cylinder gaps on longer barreled guns )

this is my 44 mag with custom comp / nut

the max...

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