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Nope, the only time I have more than what is in my pistol on me is when I'm visiting family out in the country (I'll take a dual mag holder) or going to/from the range. The only valuables I keep in my car are 1 MRE, 1 gallon jug of water, and an old torn but very warm coat... oh, and a can of Old Spice. You would be suprised how easily someone can break into a car, get your valuables, and be gone. I did one time modify a Laptop case for my Keltec Sub2K for a trunk SHTF gun but decided that would be a dumb way to lose it, still a nice conversation piece for the range. I just couldn't let ammuniton go, much less if it had my prints on it, to a criminal at that... to each their own though, if it makes you feel more secure by all means do what you feel the need to. I would highly suggest not advertising it to anyone that you have it there though and finding a nifty way to hide it or make it unatractive to a thief. (Oil filter box, etc.)
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