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10mm EAA Witness steel

So I am handgun shopping and I really want a nice 1911 in .45. I was looking at Kimbers and Colts. But I cant ignore this EAA Witness full alloy gun in 10mm. I realize they have it in 9mm and .45 as well but I really want to save owning the .45 for the 1911.

My girlfriends dad carries a 1911 Colt Delta Force 10mm as a backup duty gun and ive shot it a few times and thought the round was fantastic. This gun for under 500 dollars looks fantastic.

Is it a great deal or is there something im not seeing? I am thinking I might buy this and another gun for the price tag of a nice 1911.

Here is a normal one

And the match

I am not sure if the match is worth the extra money.

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