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I suppose if you were carrying any handgun(gee,interesting term...hand for me) so it was not visible it would be "carrying a concealed weapon"

I generally call a rifle a rifle and a shotgun a shotgun.

Handgun,rifle,shotgun.All useful weapons.oops,carbine I suppose,too.Another weapon.

Unless I was thinking "sporting arm"

One day I was looking in the Machinery Handbook and came across definition of screw vs bolt.According to the Handbook,the same fastener can be either.Used with a nut,its a bolt.Used in assembly to a threaded hole,its a screw.Application makes the difference.

You may call your side by side a fowling piece,but sitting on a stagecoach,its a weapon.

I prefer not to consider myself defanged and declawed.Nope.I believe in being dangerous.

Being dangerous,we can look out for each other.

An armed society is a polite society.Armed with weapons.

But,if it makes you more comfortable,handgun,rifle,shotgun,all useful terms.Whatever makes you happy.Peace...Namaste.

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