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Chris... I also have looked at(well, here on the net)the M380, as I have older parents, and eventually the question will come up about hand strength, autoloaders vs revolvers, recoil tolerence, and all the things that goes with older people and guns. I would really like to have a revolver in a common caliber, but ballistically lighter than 38 special. Yes I know there were some 32 cal revolvers, but I want something you can get ammo for at any LGS. Unfortunately, the Taurus M380 just doesnt get the comments I want to hear. I dont like the fact its DAO, and from what I have read about the trigger pull, it seems that its not something Im going to be interested in.

I just bought a KelTec P32, have not fired it yet, but will be at the range tomorrow for a shake down of it. It might just be the answer Im looking for.

Taurus could certainly make the M380 I want. I have the Taurus 905(9mm revolver)and recommend it when ever I can. A 380 revolver, Double Action, 6 shot, with a usable trigger, would be perfect. Offer the same in 32ACP, a 3 or 4" barrel, and either one would be a winner.
Agreed. I like the idea of the lesser recoil and slightly smaller size of a .380acp, while still having borderline acceptable stopping power, but the trigger pull on the Taurus was ridiculous, something like 14-15 pounds. Definitely not for elderly or weak hands.

I've read that the trigger had to be that way in order for the hammer to hit the rimless cartridges hard enough to ignite, but something tells me it could be done differently, and better. I actually sent an email yesterday to Charter Arms marketing suggesting they come out with a .380acp version of their semi-auto cartridge "Pitbull" revolvers. But I haven't yet received a response.
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