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Chris... I also have looked at(well, here on the net)the M380, as I have older parents, and eventually the question will come up about hand strength, autoloaders vs revolvers, recoil tolerence, and all the things that goes with older people and guns. I would really like to have a revolver in a common caliber, but ballistically lighter than 38 special. Yes I know there were some 32 cal revolvers, but I want something you can get ammo for at any LGS. Unfortunately, the Taurus M380 just doesnt get the comments I want to hear. I dont like the fact its DAO, and from what I have read about the trigger pull, it seems that its not something Im going to be interested in.

I just bought a KelTec P32, have not fired it yet, but will be at the range tomorrow for a shake down of it. It might just be the answer Im looking for.

Taurus could certainly make the M380 I want. I have the Taurus 905(9mm revolver)and recommend it when ever I can. A 380 revolver, Double Action, 6 shot, with a useable trigger, would be perfect. Offer the same in 32ACP, a 3 or 4" barrel, and either one would be a winner.
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