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oh yeah, I also forgot to chastise the exited new enthusiast for using a generally accepted term outside of it's original intended use.

USA Shark, for future reference so that the interweb does not scar you for life the term clip generally applies to a simple device used to load a gun but not remain permanently attached while the term magazine describes a device that holds ammunition in reserve and is attached to the firearm. some people get very touchy about terminology around here.

as for KIAs and mercedes, I own an SR9C as my primary concealed carry arm. I would pick an SR series pistol over the generally accepted Glock standard any day of the week and twice on sundays. yes I prefer my XDMs to the SR9C but I currently own a decent holster for the SR9C and do not for the XDMs and am perfectly fine with trusting my life to it on a daily basis.
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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