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Hand Press-

Hand priming tool-

Lee Carbide .38 special 3 die set-

Lee Breech lock bushing (not needed if you can find an original style hand press)-

Buy plated bullets (fine for .38 special target loads) in lots of 1000+, primers by the 1000, and powder by the pound= cheap shooting.

My brother went the hand press route for the first year he had his Ruger sR9c.... loaded and shot several thousand rounds..... like this: Go to range on Saturday, shoot 200 rounds, pick up 250 empty 9mm cases. Sunday, while watching the Rockies/Broncos/Avs, he'd deprime, size and bell his cases on his coffee table. Monday night, watching monday night football, or the Outdoor Channel, he'd use a dipper and get help from his 12 y.o. daughter (in exchange for her getting to go to the range and shooting some of the ammo) to charge the 200-250 cases with Unique, and seat and crimp the bullets.... later in the week, usually on a lunch hour, he'd hit Bass Pro or one of the LGS's and replenish his supplies as needed ..... kept everything in two shoe boxes under his couch, Tools in one, components in the other.

He did not save any money, though: He put the money he would have spent on WWB at WallyWorld into more components .... and he bought two rifles .... and dies for both .... and spent 200 bucks on materials/equipment for a reloading bench I built him in his basement (When Armageddon happens, and all of the Denver Metro area is laid waste, the only two things standing will be the Rocky Mountains and that bench!) .... so no, he did not save any money..... but he is a hell of a shot, as is my neice, both with pistol and rifle.... no, he did not save any money..... it is a sickness, and he has it..... yess, he does.....
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