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And I would strongly recommend to you Sir, that as a Moderator, you lead by example and take a more respectful tone in your future debates.
It can be very difficult to point out that a person's position is not supported by the facts without seeming disrespectful from the perspective of the person whose position is being deconstructed. I can understand why you are upset, but it's ridiculous to blame me for being the one who finally brought the facts to your attention.
It is easy to cross the line and disrespect an individual on line...
No one has disrespected you. Pointing out that a person's opinion is not supported by fact is not disrespecting them.
...safely tucked in the confines of your home. Face to face, I seriously doubt you would act so condescending towards me ... just because you are typing anonymously from behind a locked door.
Furthermore, if having someone point out the flaws in your reasoning or opinion offends you to the point that you feel you need to resort to chest thumping and veiled threats, I suggest you avoid internet forums in the future. Anyone who posts on internet forums will eventually discover that they've been holding onto at least one misconception or factually unfounded opinion.

It's happened to me a time or two, and while I don't look forward to it, I realize it is inevitable and try to treat it as a learning experience.
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