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Taurus M380 mini Revolver.

I had been interested in something like this, and I got a chance to check one out at a gun shop recently. I can't say I was too impressed. The quality wasn't the greatest, and the trigger pull was excessively hard.

I wish Charter Arms would do their own version of a .380acp revolver, similar to their 9mm and .40 semi-auto cartridge Pitbulls, but a true mini revolver with a lightweight aluminum frame and DAO. The quality and looks would be better as well.

I think there is a need for something like this for us who only carry revolvers. There really isn't anything out there between one of those tiny NAA revolvers and the standard .38spl/.357 snubbie. Sometimes, I don't want to carry something even that big.

I'm not against the concept of a .380acp revolver, I just didn't care much for the way Taurus did theirs. Still, I might get one if I come across a great deal. I have a feeling these unique and unusual revolvers won't find too many buyers, and may become collectible someday.
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