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The SA Milspec has good sights these days, not like in the 80's & '90s. They are not the tiny GI ones you are thinking of.
I'm familiar with them, we've sold several Mil-Spec pistols to guys looking for a 1911 on the cheap. They may be better than some of the smaller blades they've used in the past, but they're still a poor sight IMO. The other thing I don't like about them aside from the style is they're not upgradeable without cutting new dovetails into the slide. If you look at the cost of cutting new dovetails and installing new sights, then the upgraded sights of the Loaded or Range Officer are worth the cost alone, and that's before you consider the other enhanced features like the beavertail safety. And even if you don't want to spend that additional money you can still get something like a RIA or Armscorp 1911 at the same cost as the Mil-Spec, but those have the additional features and better sights which I think is just a lot better bang for your buck. But that's just me, YMMV.
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