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Originally Posted by Koda
10mm has a flatter trajectory, you can potentially shoot farther accurately... I am more comfortable out to 100 yds with my 10mm than my 45. Criminals are more a concern for me than cougars and black bears which up close either caliber will do but a criminal with a rifle is a problem outdoors.

"My little batch of reloads was depleting so I sorted out five more, this time in nickel Federal cases, and moved my hunting chair back to the 100 yard line. I used the top six inches of the box as an aiming point, crossed my legs and used my left knee as a rest as I fired from a seated position. I lost one round off the left edge of the box, but the four I didn’t flub made a nice little cluster right in the middle of the box."

Missouri Bullet’s 225 grain Flathead for the .45 Auto
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