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Looking for an all purpose shotgun for hunting and HD.

I'm looking for a decent shotgun that I can use for HD/SD as well as being respectable for hunting if I ever get the chance. I want something with optional barrel lengths/gauges where I can change to a shorter barrel/gauge or pistol grip if I want to use for HD, and have a longer one for hunting. I don't want to buy an all black, or tactical looking shotgun strictly for SD/HD only.

I seen that Mossberg has something like this, but when I went on their website I couldn't find any specific models that stated they came with extra barrels or pistol grips. Their accessories page didn't seem to help much either.

Can anyone point to any specific links or models that has what I want? What about the Remington 870 Express? Having a pistol grip isn't all important but optional barrel lengths/gauges are.
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