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Pre-war production will generally have better "fit and finish" than WWII era .... mine is a '43 Izzy.... amd looks as if the the reciever was chiseled out of a block of Stalin with a spoon .... It shoots OK......

I paid 99dollars for mine..... If you paid 300, you got a steal, as they are not making any more Mosins.... and they are burning up the presses printing more dollars...... hell, they don't even bother printing them up anymore, mostly: they add them to the money supply electronicly, millions and billions at a time, and call it "Quantatative Easing III", yet deny that they are monetizing the ntional debt. You won't even be able to paper your walls or wipe your behind with those electronic fictions in ten years. You'll still have that Mosin, and it will still go bang, if you can feed it.
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