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Best defensive place to sit at a restaurant, theater, etc.

We recently had fire extinguisher training at work. One of the questions the fireman asked was if anyone ever bothers to check where the exits are in the building they are in. I answered that I did indeed, but I'll admit I wasn't thinking about fires (which I should have as well), but robbers, mass shooters, etc.

I remember hearing someone say the best place to be in a room is as close to the exit as you can get, but that same door your sitting by might be the very one the shooter enters in through and you could be the first one shot.

It seems to me a much better place would be as close to the center of the room you can get while still having view of the doors, that way at least you would a chance to respond if someone walked in somewhere and started shooting up the place. A movie theater would be a bit different as you would want to be on the end somewhere so you can escape from the aisles, but being the center as much as possible.

What are your opinions about on this subject?
I'm by no means a tactical expert, but I guess I'm different then most people I know in that I think about these things. Not paranoid mind you, just different.

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