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.22 LR for carjacking defense?

I just wanted your opinions on using a .22LR handgun as a defense against carjackers.

I understand that the .22LR is not considered a suitable round for defense, but my main concern in this situation is hearing damage. A few years back, there were some assaults at the Wisconsin State Fair where some thugs were literally pulling people from their vehicles, kicking people of motorcycles, etc.

It occurred to me that if any of these thugs attempted to pull me out of my vehicle, they very well might get a nasty surprise. It also occurred to me that I would probably suffer permanent hearing damage if I ever had to fire my .38spl inside my vehicle. I happen to be a music aficionado, so the thought of that happening to me is tantamount to a death sentence. I'd almost rather take my chances with the thugs beating me.

I'm not suggesting that I would carry a .22LR as my primary defensive weapon, just that I might stash one somewhere in the car within easy reach to use if something like that ever happened. Firing .22LR inside a vehicle may be tolerable as far as hearing goes, plus it would be at such a close range that you would likely get some head/face shots, which I'm quite certain would be more then a little irritable to the recipient. At the very least, it would buy me time to get away.

I happen to own an LCR.38spl+p, and I was thinking of getting the .22LR version mainly for this purpose, plus as a practice gun as it handles pretty much the same as the .38spl, with much less recoil.

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