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First off, thanks for all the replies. I really do appreciate you all taking the time to reply and offer help.

Berry's did call me. They said that they measured the bullets I sent back and they were at .357. Now, I measured each bullet of the about 15 I sent back and they were NOT .357. I zero'd out my digital mike and measured and remeasured them.

Yes, they weighed 158 grains, with a super small amount of wiggle room.

I would second guess my measuring, except I have some Hornady XTP and some Zero JHP bullets, BOTH of which work just fine and dandy in the SAME cases I tried with the Berry's bullets. Again, even using a 9mm sizing die, the Berry's were loose (pre belling the mouth).

Anyway, the guy at Berry's was very polite but stuck to his story. So I told him I'd like to return them. He said to just send them back and he would credit my CC that I used to order them.

I just ordered 5K Zero brand from Roze Distrib. I've used them before and have had NO problems with them...and the ones I ordered are FMJ, so I don't have to be concerned with FPS (not that I usually load them hot enough to worry anyway).

So, I probably won't be ordering any more .38/.357 bullets from Berry's. I may order .45 Auto or 9mm...but not .38/.357.

Thanks again for your replies.

Uncle Loodis
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