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another vote for the cz 452. my preference is the 452 american. but, if you want a cz in the 452 flavor you had better get on the stick so to speak as cz had dc'd the 452 action and is replacing it with the new 455. the jury is still out on the 455 as its new anduntested as compared to the been around the block a few times 452 action. i must warn you though. don't buy a cz 452 if you don't have a very strong constitution towards your wallet as they are VERY addictive. i bought my lil boy a cz 452 scout about 2 yrs ago and since then i've brought home 4 more 452 americans. mine will do 1/2" groups with a variety of sub-sonic hp ammo. my personal best 5 shot 50 yd group has been 1/4" with winchester sub-sonic hp.
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