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Linearized not linear

So I'll throw in the Physics spoiler, and a way to maximize the hit potential in the future: Virtually none of the variables or factors that are generally considered in ballistics calculations are linear when it comes to turbulent or laminar flow. The charts that are used are subset of multi-ordered (like 5th to 9th order) differential equations (the bane of even hard core engineers). A Psychometric chart (like to one at Wikipedia here ) is pretty simple in relationship to predicting the precise location of a projectile at 500 meters.

I only mention this as if you start to interpolate some of the numbers outside their current range (ie "if it works at 300 yards then 600 yards must be twice / half the value").

If you want to take the easy route out, look for laser guided projectiles in the near future. DARPA has developed a pretty sophisticated device. Expect to see significantly lower cost guided bullets that are more like laser guided bombs often called 'bang bang' guidance systems, that require the laser illumination to be within a few degrees of the flight path. Either can can hit the left or the right nostril of a deer at 1000 yards 90% of the time.

Ain't math wonderful?
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