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Ruger SR40 Accuracy

Hi, I have owned by SR40 for 18 months and have fired about 4500 rounds through it. As a re-loader I tried various powders and bullets to find what best worked for my particular pistol.
I settled for the following recipe: Bullet: 165gr Zero HPJ, Powder: Powder Pistol 6.4gr, Primer CCI small pistol, OAL 1.125”. With this load I was consistently shooting a 3” group at 15yds. But in the last month or so by groups have deteriorated to 6” and I just cannot figure out what is making the difference.
I am regularly cleaning the pistol using stands solvents and can rule out crud accumulation. I am ruling myself out as I am consistently shooting similar groups with my other guns. Next range session I will try to shoot form a bench rest to get a clear picture. But I was speculating if I may have shot out the SS barrel? Is that possible with less than 5000 rounds through it?
Your thoughts would be welcome.

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