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As Nate said if you don't have any training at all you have no use for those items.

I wouldn't carry a tourniquet. First, they aren't used anymore unless you are in military and you need training in how to properly use on in the situations they are used. You can't just put it on and forget it. Second, they are the simplest medical device in the world.

440 cord, a belt, etc. will accomplish all the aforementioned mechanical tasks with little to no ingenuity. There really isn't much medical equipment you would possibly carry that can't be improvised.

Look in your medicine cabinet. Take a small amount of all the medicines you regularly use. Pepto bismo, pain reliever, allergy medicine, midol, whatever. Go to the drug store and look at medicine you have used before and put small amounts into some sort of pill case. Make sure you find a way to label them.

Oragel is a great local anesthetic widely available in the US and many other countries. It burns/chills like hell when first applied to an open wound though. It won't stop all pain, but it will help and faster than tylenol.

Bandaids, ace brace, sterile gauze.

Without any training if you get into a situation where you need anti-biotics, anesthetics, a bone saw, etc, you need to extract ASAP. You can't fix the problem. If not possible just knock them over the head with a big stick.

If you want to get the most basic training possible to allow you to handle those situations with a possibly successful outcome, start looking at Wilderness First Responder training. They'll start you out on building a first aid kit and then add to it as you progress. If you keep with it you can become qualified to do an amazing range of things in the absence of professional medicare with a surprisingly small investment of time and money.

Option 2, go to DRC and tell them your a doctor. Learn as you go.
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