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Thanks everyone for all of your replies. I really like the SR40, but kinda felt like I did when I bought a Kia. People who own all of the higher end cars look down on it, but it runs great and was a great value. I guess the SR40 might fit in the same category. It's not a Mercedes, but it does what it's supposed to do, and I actually think it looks better then a lot of "better" guns.

I can't pick up the SA XDm yet, but am looking forward to shooting the wifes new gun. I ordered 500 rounds of ammo for the .40 and 500 rounds for the 9mm form S G Ammo. Good price on the Winchester Law Enforcement ammo. The 9mm was +p ammo, but I've read that it won't be a problem for the XDm.

BTW, I did live in Dallas, TX for 5 years and would move back there in a heartbeat. Illinois sucks, other than all of our family is here.

Once I get the new grips on the XDm, I'll try to add a picture, if I can figure out how to do it.
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