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Doesn't sound like a failure of the 1911 design. Sounds like a failure of you to follow Rule #2.
I never said it was a failure of the design.

I said it was why I don't like the 1911. There are lots of guns out there that have excellent designs, but I don't like them either. The gun was pointed downrange and aimed at the target. It was just pointed towards the ground because of the grip angle and the way I am used to shooting a gun. When I shoot a Glock, and the gun is between me and the target, I put my finger on the trigger and start pulling on this close range defensive drill. (FAST drill) I was not expecting to see the back of the slide and just the front sight. I would have corrected the issue and stopped pulling until I saw the front sight, but that particular 1911 has a very light trigger on it. (Think single action S&W revolver weight, which is way lighter than I am used to/like)

When I say ground, I don't mean I shot the ground at my feet. I shot it right underneath the target, which was only about 1 foot off the ground to begin with.

As I brought the gun up to my line of sight and aimed at the target, all I could see was the back of the slide and the rear sight. As I was lifting the gun to see the front sight I clicked off the safety and apparently had enough force on the trigger to let the hammer fall. So I fired it before I was ready due to my using the same movements that I have used for years with the Glock.

Had I been firing a Glock, it would have center punched the target because my sights would have been lined up with the target and I would have had a longer heavier trigger pull.

It wasn't an "oh crap" I just had a ND. It was dang it, that wasn't where I meant to shoot, I called it low. Brought the gun back to low ready and then proceeded to shoot a very nicely centered group of touching or nearly touching .45" diameter holes. (Actually on par with what I can do with a Glock, even with "no training", one of the benefits of that really light trigger)

It is all a matter of what you are used to and train with when firing quickly from 7 yards. This is one of the reasons, I keep my defensive guns all the same. I just target shoot with other "fun" guns.

After the 1st round and on additional 3 times I ran the drill, I did not click off the safety until I could see the front sight to compensate for the inferior grip angle. Made me a lot slower.

Sounds like you and your brother both need more training with a 1911.And a saftey course on proper gun handling.
Since I don't own or plan on ever carrying or relying on a 1911 for anything the rest of my life, why would I need training with a 1911? I don't plan on doing this with a Ruger P89 or a P08 Luger either, should I get training on them also?

After the performance of this particular 1911, I don't believe that my brother will be very keen on relying on the 1911 for anything either.

He normally carries a Glock (19 or 30) and is a Glock armorer as well, but he has been eyeing that Sig Nightmare Officer's sized 1911 because he loved how accurate his MC Operator was. Of course, having a magazine cease to lock open the slide and having a critical piece just fall out of the gun while doing a routine field strip with only a couple 1,000 rounds will probably color his opinion a little.

My brother and I have been shooting together for nigh on 30 years now, we don't have any safety issues, but thanks for your concern.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.

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