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How to fit a cylinder?

I had an old S&W Victory Revolver fall in to my lap the other day, hooray!

Not so hot was the fact that it was an old lend lease gun that was converted. It's a Cogswell & Harrison deal where they just punched out the cylinder for .38 Special with a blatant disregard for the chamber size of the original .38-200.

I was debating scouting around for a used .38 special cylinder or picking up a replacement on from Midway.

How do I go about fitting the new cylinder to the gun? Yes, I could pick up a used Model 10, but I do enjoy a good project.

I'm a bored machinist who loves to tinker in my spare time. I have done some gunsmithing in the past, but fitting stuff for a revolver is a new experience for me.
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