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Adjustable objective. Is it worth the money?
For a hunting scope... objective adjustable parallax (that is what the adjustment is for... to remove parallax) is almost useless.
Side focus. Again is it worth the extra money?
For a hunting scope, a side adjustable parallax (see above) is much quicker to utilize, but... for hunting, unless you have the time to range the target, it's still not very useful.
40mm verse 50mm. I assume it collect more light, but is there any other benefit.
Nope... not really. Remember that the smaller the objective (within the limits of the ocular bell diameter, if it overlaps the receiver) the lower the scope can be mounted to the bore centerline... and to the stock cheek-piece line, so a jumbo objective may actually create more problemos than it cures. If you have a long neck... go for it.
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