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Just about none of them, including the so called "match" powder throwers will throw stick or log type powders VERY accuractly. And, the smaller the bottleneck, the more headacks you will have with indexing heads because you WILL screw up and miss just enough burr on a bottle neck to cause precision auto powder dispensers like Dillon to "cough" and you will experence a mess all over your loading bench. Then, you have to clean up!!!! And, Dillon makes good stuff. IMHO the indexing progressives presses work best with pistol ammo only! Small flake and spherical powders work great for pistol rnds with auto despensers like Dillon's . I have a Reading match thrower that works great if I single feed flake and ball powders through it into bottlenecks by hand (+-.1) But, accurace is +- a full grain if using log powders like 4895, and 4831 is even greater. I load rifle ammo into a tray and visually inspect to keep from having squib loads. It has worked great so far. Good luck!
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