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Working on computers

No "cupcake". I build computers, replace harddrives, upgrade memory, and have replaced the lcd's, cooling fans, cpu fans, etc. in laptops. I built/restored a Mac from the motherboard up from components I acquired from several different sources, without a schematic. I have taken two different Laser printers using the same engine and made a working Apple Laserwriter II from parts of a Laser Writer and an HP Deskjet (both use the same Canon engine). I have been inside computers for more than twenty years, I've cracked the case on more than one Mac Classic to replace drives and memory.

I also work on computers, Photoshop mostly.

I was a level two tech support at Gateway. The only thing more difficult than troubleshooting a computer on the bench in front of you is troubleshooting a computer over the phone. I have machines at home running different dialects of Linux and Microsoft Windows.

All of that is infinitely easier than stoning the sear on a trigger group just enough to smooth the trigger without turning it full auto.

I still wouldn't let you or my local bubba work on my pistols.

Swapping out a trigger group is not smithing. My point was and is, I consider the local "smith" to be incompetent, I've seen his work and I'm less than 100 mines from Cylinder and Slide, Bill and his crew know what they are doing.
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