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Its all personal preference really.

I like all types, and can get in the swing of things after a few minutes of practice. When given a good example of the action. (the Sig 2022 had an odd DA/SA transition that I didn't like, but my CZ is fine. I owned an XD that I really liked.)

Some think the longer/harder DA first pull of the DA/SA pistol is the safest when there is no manual safety. (as in safer than a striker fired) And they feel that the SA pull of a DA/SA, while not as good as a dedicated SA pistol, is superior to the trigger pull of a striker fired pistol. You just have to deal with the DA to SA transition.

Others prefer the consistent trigger pull of the striker fired pistols. Lighter than the DA pull, but heavier than the SA pull. Averages around 6-7lb from what I have seen. While the trigger pull is not as long or hard as a DA pull, they are still considered safe when combined with trigger safeties. But generally, the trigger pull will never be as good as a DA/SA's SA pull. (without trigger work, and then a DA/SA with trigger work will most likely be better still)

Thats how I understand it anyway.

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