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LNL is a good press.....and its comparable in quality to Dillon 650. There are some differences between the 2 companies ...but its hard not to like the LNL ( altough I opted for the 650).

Both LNL - and most Dillon presses use non-proprietary that's no issue on either press ( the exception is the lower end Dillon SDB) - not their upper end presses ( 550, 650, 1050).

I do suggest you buy the powder cop / powder check gives you an extra sense of security / alerts you to any issue. You can load good rounds without it ...but why not buy it, and use the technology and the press to its fullest potential.

A case feeder will also speed up your process significantly ....although its not about speed / its about quality ...and if you read and understand your manual, have good practices, keep the bench clean and orgainized you should have great results....but why not get a few hundred more rounds per hour - with the case feeder. Whether its the Hornaday or Dillon case feeder - they both work well.
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