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sks modded scoped vs irons mosin boyds stock

ok shot my dads customized yugo sks with his scope mounted on it(we had to zero it in first)

and my mosin black lightning with irons
AMMO: talua rounds for both rifles
range: laguna sega
first had dad fire the two rifles at 100yrds 3 rounds each, with me spotting

his shots were at low 8 and 7 with some black later on 9 (after he tightened his scope)

now mosins turn 9,9,9 all next to each other

he says the trigger on my mosin is better than the sks, not so spongy ?

my turn dad spotting me

sks yugo : (9,10,9) , hes right the trigger sucks on this sks
mosin : (10, 9,X) ya i was kinda impressed with the mosin on this, my first X at 100 with it, my mosin tends to shoot low right so im in 10's or 9's usually

as a finally we shot the plates at 300 for kicks and spent the ammo we had

cleaning: mosin set up bipod, ram it with rags till shes clean (about 10-5 min)
sks (clean gas system/barrel, trigger/spring and alot of ect)
1/2 hour

mosin is way easy to clean save for the bolt which is a jigsaw to those new to them, im good with mine due to practice but still that occasional .... were does this go?

next time i shoot hooking the bayonet on the mosin just to freak out people LOL
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