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well hello those still reading my project
i will post a pick so far below, here is a summary so far to new comers:

my project is to create a mosin which performs well and will not need gunsmithing or any permanent mods done to it , and can swap between a historic mode and a scout/sport rifle mode

91/30 round reciever mosin nagant : 109$ big 5

swappable stocks (standard and boyds stock thumbhole)
stock: boyds pepper laminante thumb hole stock 113$ ->99$ plus ups shipping

bipod: NcStar Precision Grade Bipod Fullsize 3 Adapters (ABPGF) 27.99$ amazon

sling: black claw sling (i love the feel and how it takes the weight off me) 20.33$ amazon

scopemountstill to come), but i have my eye on the brass stacker mount (steel/made in usa/lifetimewarranty) 59.00$ no shipping charge and amazon .com

ok went to the laguna sega range last sunday to test this bipod and stock out. i set my target at 100 yards, and i was shooting with 2 others who have 91/30's set to 50 yards.

i have no scope and only use irons so far with my mosin "black lightning" as joke named after a russian movie hero , watch it or dont .....

anyaway i had an issue with a group of morons next to us shooting OUR targets and not theres (mine 100 morons at 50)(i had a spotter) was weird id shoot once and have 5 bullet holes? so the range guys asked them to stop or leave(they left)

ok targets
all the same
2 normal mosins at 50 yards, mine at 100

they were doing the typical mosin shoot high and were hitting the 7 and 6 rings

my target (even with odd holes do to those idiots, which i plugged)
i was hitting x/10/9 (i actually hit the same holes 2 to 3 times, to say the least im impressed)(it basically hit were i pointed it) so go boyds stock and ncstar bipod

now quick note my mosin stock hits a 1.5-2" group at 100 normally and has a great bolt. now im shooting like a .5" at 100. i shoot 5 rounds into a target and have a spotter (as i typically shoot a m1a socom scoped, this is my normal routine for target shooting at long range)

things i noticed on boyds, perfect iron sight level on check rest built in to it, good grip, and the vents on side cooled my barrel great i grabed it after doing 100 rounds and it was slightly warm(may also be due to repaint with high header paint...dunno)

RECOIL: ok i have the buttpad on my normal stock for my mosin due to having long arms the back of the stock is to short, the boyds is perfect for american shooters, but word of warning its light.

so i fired the first shot, and it felt like someone shot a bottle rocket at my shoulder, the recoil pad on the boyds OK for a recoil reducer but i didnt get a bruise shooting 100 rounds unlike normal stock with a 1 inch thick pad, so boyds disperses the KE better, but your shoulder will start feeling numb after 25 shots , were recoil pad on normal stock i felt nothing but had a big bruise later. ODD....

now if any of you have shot at laguna sega before you know about the bell or the tin plates they have set at 300 -500 yards (as a target for anyone to shoot)

i took the mosin and fired at the 300 plate, it hit right below it, (note: aim at the link to chain right above plate) anyway doing that after round 1 (using irons set for 100) i hit dead center and knocked the tin around, and proceeded to fire my last 3 rounds into it (literary my last rounds as i was out of ammo again Y_Y )

ammo :
brown bear: my mosin loves this soft point and its 10$ <- i reccomend this
silver bear: mosin is ok with it but its not as consistant as brown bear
winchester: my mosin HATES these, very inconstant and not good quality at all
talua: (this is what ive been shooting with this time)
it is a mixed bag, cheap, consistent , but my mosin dosnt like it going in , and it ejects weird sometimes, i think its the rim of the cartridge
surplus: best for a mosin but its corrosive, after shooting jam Windex down barrel to neutralize corrosive ammo,(still must clean gun but stops it burning)

SIGHTS: ok i am planning to get a night scope or a red dot cope because i want to shoot at night and in the dark , my father says he has a spare so i may use that (hope mosin dosnt break it, its for a rifle...)

ok a way to improve your irons, paint tip of front sight with a bright colored model paint(i used yellow) and will help you aim now so you dont have black sights on a black target (i hate this personally )

well thats it so far so hope this project thread has been helpful, i will order the brass stacker soon

pics bellow: current mosin with bipod at max length / origional stock / and the boyds stock

i threw in the old pic just so you can see the difference between the stocks, but mounting is the same
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