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Skadoosh Correct, only the tip of the first digit of the trigger finger should touch the weapon. The reasons as explained to me by my coach's are as follows:

NOTE: you obviously must grip with the other two fingers. Pinky fingers should be loose but no gripping. If you grip with the pinky you will tend to shoot low.

1. Contact with the pistol with more than the minimum contact necessary to trip the hammer causes increased resistance and a tendency to jerk the trigger.

2. Contact tends to cause movement which decreases accuracy.

Now is this all ways possible? No. Not if the grips and pistol are not properly sized to fit the shooters hands.

That is why I all ways recommend a new shooter try as many makes and models of Pistols as possible before making a decision on what to buy. The latest and greatest may not fit the shooter. If it does not fit, the shooter will never achieve the full potential of himself and the pistol.

When I was shooting competitively I observed a number of shooters who had cut grooves in the grips of their pistols to reduce contact. Fortunately, a stock 1911 along with the TZ75/Witness grips allow me to avoid unnecessary contact between the trigger finger and the pistol.

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