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Picking a 308 and scope

So after shooting mostly handguns all my life I've finally gone to rifles. Don't get me wrong I've shot rifles just never owned any. But now I have a ar in 223, 300blk, and a sks (7.62x39). Now I'm wanting a bolt action.

The caliber of choice is 308. I already have reloading dies and some ammo/bullets waiting. Got some federal gold medal match too.

The primary use I am looking at is target shooting. I'd like to get a gun I can just practice getting groups with. A bonus would be if I could use it hunting as well.

I have looked at Remington 700s and savage model 10a mostly. But with so many models available I don't know which is best for me. The accutrigger is nice from the one I have shot. But Remington seems more popular too.

Goals of the rifle
To get subMOA at 100 yards
To get moa at 200 yards
To eventually shoot longer distances

Some bonuses if I could
Threaded so I could suppress down the road
Able to use hunting. Might be something I get into eventually but maybe not

I dont really plan to mod the rifle to much. I'm really seeing this as the first rifle and a rifle to see what I really want down the road. But it'll be something that should do well too. My eventual goal is to be able to shoot 600 yards plus

As for scope all o have now is a cheap Nikon 3-9 bdc that I got for like $120. Seems like that should work fine for out to 200 yards but after that might not. So I was thinking I might get a nice scope too. Or is it not worth it till I get practice and get comfortable at the 200yard mark and then move to longer range?

Budget for rifle I'm going to say $1000. Cheaper is better but could go to say $1200 max if its really worth it.

Scope wise I want to say if I got one it would be around 600

I know this gets asked a lot and I have googled the topic but seems like I just go in circles on what to get so figured I would just ask advice.
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