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MLeake I did not direct my last post at you but if you feel like it is , oh well. I do not follow a forums version of any fluff and buff on any pistols. I will do a few things to every pistol, look for sharp edges or corners to soften or to smooth, mags included. I will tune the feed lips on a mag to if needed. like with old 1911's. I do polishing on the feed ramp and chamber. I also lube a new pistol better than may be needed when new and try to run 400 rounds before cleaning. Does not matter the make.

Now only you can determine how skilled you are with your kahr as I have not met you or just as import to me , shot your pistol. I will say my first kahr came from a very skilled old match shooter and he could not get it to run well. He and I have become shooting buddys and he has bought another kahr and now finds it runs very well.

Some will buy a small pistol and try to break it in with 115gr base ammo and it may not run with it when new. Take that same pistol and with a 124gr fmj it may run like a race horse and after a couple hundred rounds shoot up the 115gr cheap stuff too.

I only use one weight bullet 124gr. Might be blaser, aguilla, winny nato ranger, what ever brass ammo thats on sale or bulk canned heat from georgia arms and there new loaded GA 124gr +P GD is my CC load. I don't buy WWB Guess you have to find fault where it is. Maybe you have a bad pistol , maybe not. To bad you can't swap handguns with another kahr shooter just to let them do what they do with one.
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