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I own an acre or two myself up in Northern MN. I know my neighbors well. And they know me and what I will tolerate and what I won't concerning my parcel of land that I pay property tax on Warbirdlover. I also know what they do on their land prior to and during deer season. I don't begrudge them two weeks and three weekends out of a year for bad behavior. I'll admit sometimes I get a little frustrated with them no doubt about that. And I'm sure it is the same for them towards me. But never enough to turn them into a Law Enforcement Officer for gaining a deer or two. But since you don't own property where you hunt, sounds like none in your party have ties to the folks living in the area either. I can understand our difference in opinions.
Warbirdlover you do what you think is right. After all this thread was done in my spare time and didn't cost me anything as will your decision. And again is just an opinion from some old geezer who just try's to get along from one day to the next with all folks.~~~to a point_
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