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uberti or piettas 1860 army?

im looking to purchase an 1860 army, and was wondering how pietta and ubertis are now, i know recently both companies have put a new effort into making higher quality, more historically accurate pieces, but i hear ubertis match up nearly perfectly with even original colt parts and piettas do not... for example, the 1851 navy pietta does not match the grip shape of original colts, ubertis 1851 navy does close to historically accurate are the pietta 1860s?... close enough that an original 1860 grip would fit over it or are these out of spec as well?..

it looks like the uberti would be about $100 more than the pietta... the parts of the pietta that are out of spec, if they still are, i dont have a recent one near me, is it possible to make these in spec?... what i mean is with some fine tuning, can i get everything to the proper shape it needs to be, and even drill out and re-thread some of the holes to fit, for example, an SAA grip frame... or do these holes just not match up?
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