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A few things, one of which being I find it too "skinny" as in my finger engulfs it when I grip the gun.
That's more because of the convex shape of the face than anything. Unless the pistol in question is a Colt Gold Cup, the triggers are all pretty much the same thickness, +/- whatever the allowable tolerance is.

They are pretty sloppy vertically, though...and that's an issue for some people. It does allow for quite a bit of fouling in the shoe portion of the channel without causing problems, though.

They're also light/low-mass and less likely to bring on hammer follow problems than even the aluminum triggers.

And to top it all off, I think it is just down right ugly, but if there were a way to correct the first two, I could deal with that.
The long nylon triggers are intended to look and function pretty much like the original, pre-A1 milled triggers...which they least from a respectable distance. They look cheap, but they're actually pretty decent triggers as far as durability goes.
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