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By working "On computers" Do you mean your work is ON computers. Like, say, a modern day photographer?

No cupcake. Computers are not as plug and play as you might think. Try replacing a hdd on a netbook or a the cooling fan on a laptop. Or a motherboard on any computer. Ever dive into an iMac?

The guy asked me if I was a gunsmith. I said no. But I said I had a M&P at home and I would take that down and see what all was involved and I'd get back with him. He seemed ok with the notion. I would, of course, have him sign a waiver saying that neither me nor the range I work for would be responsible in any way if something were to happen to him or his firearm.

That being said, I did take mine down. I did take the trigger group out. I did remove everything as well as getting it all back together. Guess what? It still works. This is not my first trigger job. Like I said, I have already disassembled my m&p and I've worked on quiet a few glocks. Granted, glocks are mindlessly simple. Point is, its not my first time taking a gun apart.

Some people are afraid to take things apart. I can understand them to a point. So its ok if you're not comfortable working on things.

But I'm just wondering. You wouldn't do your own trigger, but you also wouldn't let a gunsmith do one either. So how would you possible give me any insight? Either way, your triggers will never be touched from the inside.

I'm not going to be forging my own parts in a kiln. The guy is going to bring me a drop in trigger kit. There's no "smithing" involved.

Take out pins, remove take down lever, remove trigger assembly. Replace parts. Reassemble.
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